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We Need Diverse Books (WNDB)TM is dedicated to highlighting the best of diverse literature for children and teens and to heightening awareness through continued education. That awareness and education—for all of us—is an ongoing journey.

For those uncertain of their place in the conversation, please rest assured that all voices are welcome. While it’s beyond logistical possibility to reflect every identity and intersection in every forum and opportunity, we are dedicated to becoming ever more inclusive.

The volunteers that make up WNDB are human, and they take missteps and commit errors as people do. When we do err, particularly if our mistakes hurt others, we will acknowledge our error and apologize for it.

We do want to let you know that some actions are not part of our mission. As mandated by our Advisory Board, it is not WNDB’s policy to condemn problematic books. Our policy is to highlight those that are excellent and thoughtful representations of young readers’ lives. Our focus is solely on works for children, with a commitment to continue to highlight and honor children’s books that celebrate the lives of all young readers, their families, and communities.

Here are some of the ways we have made strides towards our mission in 2015:

WNDB FUNDED five internship grants for five great college students. One was hired as a full-time editorial assistant at the end of her internship.

WNDB FUNDED five grants for five amazing new author and illustrator voices, giving them exposure they might not have otherwise had.

WNDB FUNDED eight author visits in Title 1 schools and gave away HUNDREDS of books to Washington DC area schools.

WNDB FUNDED author mentors and are matching them to five diverse writers to help further those writers’ careers.

WNDB CONSULTED ON the first ever Scholastic book flyer dedicated to diversity.

WNDB FACILITATED roundtable discussions with notable authors from various communities, beginning with a roundtable on anti-Semitism and following with one on Native American/First Nations experiences. We have several more in the works.

WNDB MET AND SPOKE WITH teachers, booksellers, librarians, publishers, marketers, etc. at almost every major book-related conference and event ACROSS THE COUNTRY, spreading the message of why We Need Diverse Books. The feedback we’ve received has told us we have already made an impact in the publishing world and we will continue to do so.

We so appreciate the efforts of our SUPPORTERS WHO HAVE HELPED US get the word out about the importance of diverse books. WNDB looks forward to continuing our work, until every child can see themselves in the pages of a book. We invite you to come along with us on this journey.